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Blocks 1- 12, Oxford & Cambridge Mansions – Fire Improvement/Safety Works

Blocks 1- 12, Oxford & Cambridge Mansions – Fire Improvement/Safety Works


48 Weeks


London, NW1

Project Value


As the Principal Contractor, our works comprised of the upgrading of 88 flat entrance doors and fan and/or side lights to form new FD30 door sets, together with the upgrading of the understairs cupboard door and frames to all twelve blocks of this Victorian mansion block. Following the completion of the fire-upgrading works, the common parts of each residential Block was replastered and re-decorated using Dulux Paint systems or wallpaper installations, followed by the installation of new Axminster carpet floor finishes to all communal and staircase areas. To conclude the project, new Fire Safety signage was installed to the walls where required throughout each communal area. Each of the 88 flats were fully occupied throughout the construction phase of the project. Each flat entrance door and frame was carefully removed, including ironmongery and the existing fan/side lights situated adjacent to the existing door. Where required, the door was reglazed using Pyrobelite 7mm fire resistant glass, including new hardwood glazing beads. To the previously removed door, new 30-minute fire and smoke intumescent seals were installed to the perimeter of the door. Further, new intumescent liners for the mail-boxes were installed with Envirograf product 50’s, together with new fire-rated hinges and Perko Powermatic R100 door closures, following the painting of the door with Envirograf product 103 intumescent coatings.

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